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NuVista Technologies highlights its performance through its results - case studies of its wide consulting and outsourcing project overview and benefits delivered.

  1. Light Manufacturing Industry
    • Electric Vehicle Conversion and stand-alone sales and distribution of Automobile equipments and ancillaries
    • NetSuite powers entire business operations in ERP/Inventory/ Light Mfg/CRM/e-Commerce
    • Unique and non-standard requirements in Partner/Agent model requiring customizations
    • Assembly/BOM building and work order mgmt to individual component level track and trace
    • Serialized, Bar-coding and advanced inventory management features

  2. Marine Services Industry
    • Part of Listed Company
    • Complex requirements with multiple work-flows and processes
    • NetSuite integrated multiple disparate systems for Finance, Inventory, Work-Orders, CRM
    • High level of control and visibility into Projects to assess Net Profitability at overall project and transaction level
    • Automation for Material Requisition, PR-PO, Inventory management
    • Customized Reports for Project costing, Financial and Inventory

  3. Logistics and Transportation Industry
    • Leading Movers/Relocation specialists in Singapore
    • Non-standard requirements for CRM, Costing and Billing Calculations
    • Replaced multiple disparate systems for CRM, SO and Accounts
    • Built complex Costing sheets and calculation models for Job Costing for Local/International move and relocation services and Storage
    • Created customer Interface to view the items under storage of Customer and ability to retrieve and track/trace visually
    • Reaped benefits of Real-time system on Sales Order and Job Scheduling process

  4. FMCG Industry
    • Korean Conglomerate Subsidiary- Lotte Confectionery Singapore
    • No Systems in place with Multiple Items/SKUs mgmt with integrated SO, PO and Financials
    • Advanced Inventory management features like Landed Cost calculation reflecting true cost of items, Serial number tracking, multiple Units of measure
    • Drastic reduction in time to Invoice and financial reconciliation
    • Real-time accurate AR tracking and reports
    • Custom Reports for Sales, Stores, Purchasing and Accounts

  5. WD Industry
    • Most Reputed Apple authorized service centre in Singapore
    • NetSuite replaced 4 different disparate systems into Single Integrated Business Suite
    • Handling over 8000 Customer Cases per month with seamless integration into other modules
    • Integrated Support with Sales, Purchasing, Inventory and Financials
    • Custom designed Customer Service Order Report with linked fields and data values from system
    • Used in 3 Customer facing Service Center Offices in Singapore

  6. Safety Equipments/Training Industry
    • Mix of Service and Products Business model
    • Integrated Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Training/Ops Mgmt
    • Unique requirements for Training services including managing Courses, scheduling, allocation on course instructors
    • Tightly integrated Financials with automated and memorized billing, journal entries etc
    • Handled thousands of Inventory and non-Inventory Items for Sales, Purchase and Re-sale
    • Developed and Configured bundles for internal purpose

  7. Financial/Insurance Industry
    • Japan HQ Global Company
    • Insurance Broking Non-standard req for Premium Calculations
    • Had manual process for Sales, CRM and Accounts- integrated the same in a Single Suite
    • Complex calculations for Insurance broking with interface to Cedants and Re-Insurers
    • Built models to factor in Risk probability, sum insured, industry category for Order worksheet calculation
    • Customized Financial Reports complying to specific international Accounting Standards

  8. Hospitality/Retail Industry
    • Premier Hospitality Management Company that oversees Travel, Events, and Privileges Program
    • CRM System for 360 degree view of Customers
    • Customized and non-standard reports for Event Profitability, Expense and Time tracking
    • Built in customizations to handle Supplier integration at Order-level
    • Customized Reports for Pipeline Analysis, Forecast and Sales by Person/Territory/Industry