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IOS Enterprise Resource Planning

Information is the new currency of commerce. A customized ERP system, supported by software applications from leading developers, will derive businesses maximum value from the management and timely flow of accurate information bring. NuVistaPlus offers a range of strategic outsourcing services in ERP to facilitate the smooth exchange of information within and beyond your business:

  • Maintenance & Support
  • OnDemand SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • ERP Implementation
These services embrace all the crucial information that makes a business function effectively. NuVista implements and maintains a software application delivery model to empower your business with a systematic and continuous stream of diverse relevant information.

Maintenance & Support

Consulting, Implementation and Maintenance

NuVista ERP Support professionals are well versed with the platforms and systems by SAP and NetSuite. Our support professionals possess the relevant knowledge and experience to consult and apply ERP systems across different industries. But for any ERP system to be successfully implemented, it begins with a fundamental understanding of your business. Your ERP system can also be optimally maintained and supported by the various Service Level Agreements (SLA) NuVista offers.

OnDemand Saas (Software as a Service)

Software as a service (SaaS) is a software application delivery model in which clients pay access to use software functionality over a network. This access is a hosted, web-native platform operated by either an independent or third party software vendor. NetSuite is among the leading suppliers in ERP SaaS that NuVista partners with. [Hyperlink “NetSuite” to its website] Some companies may prefer On-Premise ERP SaaS systems for the added functionality and security, in spite of the greater technical complexity and higher implementation cost., NuVista partners with SAP, another leading ERP SaaS supplier, to meet your On-Premise ERP SaaS sytem requirements

ERP Implementation

Diverse and complex information have to be synthesized before they are migrated into a comprehensive ERP system. Not only does NuVista process your information, we also develop a customized ERP system of a suitable scale that makes your database repository meaningful for both your staff and business partners.