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Talent has become the most important asset for many businesses today. Talent is not only the lifeline of a business, but also what separates the successful ones from the rest. NuVistaPlus offers a range of strategic outsourcing services in HR to fuel your team with talent:

  • Payroll Management
  • Recruitment
  • HR Shared Services
  • Organizational Development
These services span from attracting to developing and retaining talent. With staff talent on your side, your business is ready to navigate the new challenges of the knowledge economy.

Payroll Management

Payroll Management starts from data processing to payouts to accounting and multiple complex transactions occur within each of those stages. Payroll management can incur anywhere from 15% to 35% of a HR department's cost. A robust, but also efficient payroll management system prevents unnecessary expenditure in an inevitably complex process. Times Software Group Payroll, a leader in HR Information Systems, is the selected partner of NuVista to optimize your HR investment.


The right candidate for the right job - that is how NuVista recruits for your business. NuVista does this by identifying and assessing candidates before companies select their most suitable candidate for the jobs they offer. Just like in Payroll Management, recruiting involves multiple steps to hire the right talent for your team. A strategic partnership with Talent Pool Software Solutions, a comprehensive Recruitment Management system, allows us to tailor the talent search to your business' requirements. NuVista also develops other HR functions such as staff policy planning, career development and productivity in consultation with you.

Compensation & Benefit Management

NuVista creates a fair and efficient Compensation & Benefit Management system that balances employees' welfare between financial incentives and personal entitlements. This system is created with consideration to your business' resources and operations. In today's competitive war for talent, employee welfare incentives are pivotal for businesses to attract, motivate and retain talent.

Organizational Development

NuVista's team of Organizational Behavior professionals will unlock your staff's potential to perform their best on the job. Integrated modules are installed to monitor and measure staff performance, while keeping them inspired and motivated towards achieving organizational goals.