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Suppliers wield great influence over the eventual benefits a business can offer its customers. Because your business has its unique demands and specifications, meeting them will only ensure your business realizes the full potential value it delivers to your customers. NuVistaPlus offers a range of strategic outsourcing services in Procurement to stock your inventory with cost and process efficiency:

  • Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)
  • Spend Intelligence
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Supplier Management
These services are developed by insights and information on established suppliers operating across diverse market conditions. NuVista leverages its strong partnerships with suppliers to derive an effective procurement strategy and process for your business.

Strategic Sourcing

Businesses today have a sea of choices when it comes to selecting their suppliers. NuVista has access to established suppliers of various capabilities and experience across multiple industries. This access is leveraged with NuVista's understanding of your business so that your sourced supplier goes beyond merely a transactional relationship. Instead, a strategic partnership forged brings long-term benefits for your business to sustain growth.

Supplier Management

Suppliers operate by their set of protocols. Your business too has its own procedures. NuVista bridges the differences with its developed set of Key Performance Indicators and Metrics for your supplier to adhere to. The careful management of your suppliers establishes clear expectations for them, so that they meet your business requirements seamlessly.

Spend Intelligence

Careful analysis only ensures that you invest your resources in the right places. Accurate, timely and complete information on your spending pattern provides invaluable insights into determining whether your resources are channeled effectively and sufficiently for the benefit of your business. NuVista has a defined process to validate data for their accuracy, analyze for potential opportunities for process streamlining and identify unclassified spending.

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

Engineering starts in the mind as a concept to be realized in application. The same approach applies when it comes to your business processes. NuVista's procurement consultants begin by re-thinking your business process. The newly conceptualized process then leads to re-designed procurement practices and protocols. Your business re-engineered for improved efficiency and reduced cost. A whole new way of buying.